Become an AI safety mentor

Help participants in the Alignment Jams

Mentoring at a hackathon

When you mentor at a hackathon, you employ your skillset to answer questions on Discord asynchronously. You will monitor the chat and possibly go on calls with participants who need extra help. As part of the mentoring team, you will get to chat with the future talents in AI safety and help in making AI safety an inviting and friendly place to join.

To become a mentor, join the Discord server on the button above and write to @Esben Kran that you would like to be a mentor.

Which skills do I need?

Any skills that help you answer questions participants might have during the hackathon! This can include experience in AI governance, networking, academia, industry, AI safety technical research, programming and machine learning.

What is the time commitment?

You can contribute everything from one to many hours during the weekend. Reading up on the resources that we provide for the participants is a good prerequisite but isn't required since many participants might just need help with programming and deployment.

How does a typical hackathon schedule look?

The core team are available to help in the GatherTown space and on the Discord. Setting up teams can happen in the #searching-for-teams channel on Discord or in-person. The starter resources for each hackathon are available on their pages here on the site. See below.

We start out with an intro talk by the core organizers and the keynote speaker, Saturday and Sunday we have office hours and Saturday there's a dual technical talk on projects related to the hackathon topic from active researchers.

The schedule itself is quite standardized so participants have enough time to create interesting research. See the example below from the Multi-Agent Risk Hackathon.