Host a jam site

Become a local organizer for Alignment Jams

Hosting a jam site

A jam site is a local in-person event for the Alignment Jam hackathons. It allows your local community of machine learning interested engineers and academics to join in a fun event where we deal with all the tough points of a hackathon and you just set up a venue.

You can both apply to be a local organizer here or join the hackathon Discord here and write us. More information and answers to all your questions are available in the Discord besides the many pages on this site (click "For organizers" in the navigation bar).

Minimum requirements for a site

  • At least one local official organiser to coordinate the event. The organiser must be a part of the Discord server (for project management and communication) and oblige us with meeting all due dates.
  • Secure a space (digital or physical) to host your jam for the duration of the jam. You can choose how small or large you want your event to be depending on the limitations of your venue and how many volunteers you have to support your jammers.
  • Compliance to all Alignment Jam and local regulations with regards to hosting the event.

How does a typical hackathon schedule look?

The core team are available to help in the GatherTown space and on the Discord. Setting up teams can happen in the #searching-for-teams channel on Discord or in-person. The starter resources for each hackathon are available on their pages here on the site. See below.

We start out with an intro talk by the core organizers (our team) and a domain expert within the specific hackathon theme. This happens on the GatherTown. Then we continue into the jam period where anyone can join just for the Saturday, for the whole weekend or whatever fits their schedule.

The schedule itself is quite standardized so participants have enough time to create interesting research. See the example below from the Language Model Hackathon.

Where can I find marketing material?

Take a look on our media page for the latest logos and brand guidelines.

We encourage you to get creative with your jam site and create posters, t-shirts, websites, banners, mugs - whatever you like! We politely request that you include the Alignment Jam logo, including the Alignment Jam name and listing of or link to the website on any promotional material, digital artifacts and physical object you create in association with your event(s). All brand guidelines and image files you might need can be found on our media page.

How many jammers do I need at my site?

Any number of jammers will do, from 2 to 2000! Running a small jam when you are getting started as an organiser it totally fine. We want as many people as possible to feel confident running a jam site in their location.

Why does my site need to be approved?

The reason that we have an approval process is to make sure we do not get duplicates for the same location,  and that the organizers understand Alignment Jam values and responsibilities. We really are trying to push for community and collaboration and trying to avoid having multiple locations in the same vicinity. If you see that a location is already posted in your city, please contact us and we will try to help you collaborate with the other location. You can see a list of approved Jam sites if you visit the locations page.

Can I get funding to run the hackathon?

We supply up to $75 per participant for your jam site. You can request to receive a virtual card for use during that weekend on our Discord. You can use this card with Google Pay and Apple Wallet.