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1st 🏆
LLM Hackathon
Agreeableness vs. Truthfulness
Team Optimized Prime
Oct 2022
1st 🏆
Investigating Neuron Behaviour via Dataset Example Pruning and Local Search
Alex Foote
Nov 2022

AI Testing Hackathon

This month's alignment jam is about TESTING THE AI! Compete to find the most interesting ways to test what AIs do, how fair they are, how easy they are to fool, how conscious they become (maybe?), and so much more.

Hack away in teams to learn & have fun!

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Past experiences

See what our great hackathon participants have said
Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier
Interpretability hackathon
The hackathon was a really great way to try out research on AI interpretability and getting in touch with other people working on this. The input, resources and feedback provided by the team organizers and in particular by Neel Nanda were super helpful and very motivating!
Alejandro González
Interpretabiity hackathon
I was not that interested in AI safety and didn't know that much about machine learning before, but I heard from this hackathon thanks to a friend, and I don't regret participating! I've learned a ton, and it was a refreshing weekend for me.
Sam Glendenning
Interpretability hackathon
Was great to hear directly from accomplished AI safety researchers and try investigating some of the questions they thought were high impact.
Chris Mathwin
Interpretability hackathon
The Interpretability Hackathon exceeded my expectations, it was incredibly well organized with an intelligently curated list of very helpful resources. I had a lot of fun participating and genuinely feel I was able to learn significantly more than I would have, had I spent my time elsewhere. I highly recommend these events to anyone who is interested in this sort of work!
Alex Foote
Interpretability hackathon
A great experience! A fun and welcoming event with some really useful resources for starting to do interpretability research. And a lot of interesting projects to explore at the end!